Tips and Tricks for Carving Pumpkins

Tips and Tricks for Carving Pumpkins

Learn How To Carve Likejackolantern The Pros:

Pumpkin carving is a traditional part of fall and, more importantly, Halloween. Creating the perfect jack o’lantern takes years of practice but there are a few tricks that can make it easier in the long run. We here at Wright Nissan have some tips and tricks for carving pumpkins that will make it easier to get the design you want!

Look for Stems

Don’t forego buying a pumpkin with a stem! Pumpkins grow on vines which means they should have a stem. If it a pumpkin lacks a stem, it could mean it was mishandled and the stem was twisted off. To get the freshest, longest-lasting pumpkin, look for one with a green stem.

Spray with Water

Even though the pumpkin has left the patch, it still needs water. While it won’t oxidize as quickly as other fruits, spraying a pumpkin with water can significantly expand its lifespan. That means it will stay tough longer and be easier to carve.

Keep the Top

To maintain the structural integrity of the pumpkin, don’t remove the top. Removing the top not only weakens the pumpkin as a whole but also cuts off the nutrients and moisture that come from the stem. Considering how much water pumpkins lose when you cut them, we would suggest leaving the bottom alone as well, else there could be a mess to clean up.

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