Pittsburgh Hays Eagles Have a New Egg

Pittsburgh Hays Eagles Have a New Egg

Pittsburgh’s coolest couple, a pair of bald eagles, seems to have a new egg. After the two lost their nest to high winds in early February, the birds are now exhibiting behavior that they have a new egg. Located in Pittsburgh’s Hays neighborhood, the nest is the third the eagles have made in the area.

The Pittsburgh Hays eagles are acting as though they have another egg, according to the Audubon Society of Western Pennsylvania. The eagles haven’t left the nest unattended for more than a day and their movement indicates that they may be turning the egg.

Experts can’t get a clear view of the nest via webcam. That only leaves the bird’s behavior as an indicator of a new egg. It takes just over a month for a bald eagle’s egg to hatch.

The Hays bald eagles are the first pair to nest within Pittsburgh’s city limits in over a century. Now in their fifth nesting season, they’re joined by onlookers lining up with binoculars and cameras, all of whom are eagerly awaiting the newest addition to the neighborhood.

“I had to come and see their new nest,” said Nancy Miller of Altoona. “I drove 100 miles and it was worth it.”

We at Wright Nissan can’t wait to see the new eagle take to the skies!

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