Pittsburgh Antenna System Gets an Upgrade

Pittsburgh Antenna System Gets an Upgrade

Patrons of the Pittsburgh tunnels have long been victims of dropped calls, lost connections, and faced some other connectivity issue. Fortunately, the Port Authority Board and Comcast have come to an agreement to end the connectivity problems faced by passengers. The Pittsburgh antenna system is getting an upgrade, and that’s good news for everyone.

Drivers who ventured into the “T” will no longer face a technological blackout, so to speak. Comcast and the Port Authority Board have made a deal that will result in Wi-Fi in all T-stations between Station Square and Heinz Field. Trains that leave the T-stations will still bring connection issues for passengers.

While that system is set to be up and running by June, other cellphone companies have plans to upgrade their systems as well. Verizon has installed repeater systems in the Liberty and Squirrel Hill Tunnels and are currently in the testing phase.

A repeater system was supposed to be up and running in the Fort Pitt Tunnel as well, but power issues have delayed activation. That system should be ready to roll by April.

While all cellular providers are working together, Sprint users could still face issues. While T-Mobile, Verizon, and AT&T users will have a connection, Sprint entered the agreement late, resulting in a delay for their users.

We at Wright Nissan are happy to see the Pittsburgh antenna system getting a much-needed upgrade!

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