We Know the Best Gifts for Car Lovers

We Know the Best Gifts for Car Lovers

Gifts For Car Lovers

There are many types of car lovers. There are after-market gearheads, cleanliness fans, classics enthusiasts, and those who just like long road trips. Here are five gifts for car lovers of all types.


Bluetooth Cassette Adapter

Remember those adapters that would let you run your iPod through your tape player? Well this is way better. Surprise that friend who loves to listen to music and talk on the phone by giving their outdated car Bluetooth access.


Encyclopedia of Classic Cars

A coffee table book to some, but a bible to others, this thorough encyclopedia features hundreds of stunning photos of the most unforgettable cars.


Automatic Cordless Tire Inflator

For the friend who loves staying on top of their car’s maintenance, try this cordless tire inflator. Gone are the days of saving quarters and visiting gas stations. With this handy tool, topping of your tire pressure is as easy as fastening your seatbelt.


Kick Mats

Anyone with kids knows how difficult it is to keep a car clean. Lend a helping hand by giving them kick mats. These mats go over the back of the front seats so that kids can put their feet up without messing up the upholstery.


Heated Massage Cushion

Anyone who spends a lot of time in the car, or anyone who gets chilly in the winter, or pretty much anyone at all will enjoy turning their driver’s seat into a heated massage chair.

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