Nissan’s Commitment to Sustainability

Nissan’s Commitment to Sustainability

Nissan’s Commitment to Sustainability

Many automotive fans remember when Nissan introduced the LEAF in 2010. As an electric car, the LEAF was a small step toward lending a helping hand to the environment. As it turns out, Nissan’s commitment to sustainability was strong before that milestone and hasn’t wavered since.

Carbon Disclosure Project recently recognized Nissan as an “A-List” company by the Carbon Disclosure Project on the annual Climate Change Report. This is the third year in a row that Nissan has made the “A-List,” and it’s no wonder. Several years back, the Japan-based international company set a goal to reduce its “well-to-wheel” emissions by 90%. Nissan aims to reach this reduction by 2050, based on emissions levels in 2000.

2050 may be a ways far off, but Nissan’s already made some promising strides. Nissan is continuously working towards not only reducing emission from its lineup. But also making manufacturing facilities as green as possible. Plus, Nissan has partnered with multiple municipalities and companies in order to make charging stations for the Nissan LEAF more widely available.

 Nissan Leaf

As part of Nissan’s efforts to reduce CO2 emissions, the future lineup will likely introduce more hybrid models. Yet another way in which Nissan makes sustainable driving more accessible.

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