5 Reasons to Take Your Car to a Dealership for Service

5 Reasons to Take Your Car to a Dealership for Service

When you need routine maintenance or vehicle repair work done, you have a few options: Tackle the work in your own garage, take the vehicle to an independent mechanic, or take your car to a dealership for service. We highly recommend the latter most option — by bringing your vehicle to the service bay at Wright Nissan, specifically — for several reasons:

take your car to a dealership for service

  1. Certified technicians:

    Dealership technicians carry all the same certifications and training that independent mechanics have, but they go one step further — they have received in-depth training on the specific makes and models sold at that dealership. If you drive a Nissan, your best bet is to have it serviced at our dealership by our experts, who know your Nissan perhaps even better than you do.

  2. Warranty:

    Sometimes, your warranty will cover routine maintenance, as long as you service your car at a certified dealership.

  3. Larger operations:

    Dealerships tend to have more room to take on customers, meaning they can get you in and out much faster.

  4. Reputation:

    Dealership mechanics and independent mechanics both prioritize customer satisfaction to avoid negative online reviews, but we are further incentivized to provide stellar service because we want to keep Nissan happy.

  5. Genuine parts:

    Wright Nissan has access to genuine Nissan parts; independent mechanics will use generic parts that might not be the best fit for your Nissan vehicle.

If you need to get your Nissan serviced, there’s no better way and no better place than Wright Nissan.

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