Spring Car Care Tips

Spring Car Care Tips

Spring is right around the corner, and the arrival of a new season marks a time of preparation for car owners. Keeping your car up and running starts with proper maintenance, so check out these spring car care tips that will keep you moving all season long.

spring car care tips - Wright Nissan - Wexford, PA

Change the Oil

Every car needs an oil change after a long, cold Pennsylvania winter here in Wexford. The oil is responsible for protecting, lubricating, and cooling the engine, after all. If the oil is old and filled with dirt and grime, it can’t perform its duties to the fullest. As a result, your engine’s performance and fuel economy will suffer, eventually leading to far worse problems. To maximize performance and efficiency as well as protect the engine, get an oil change.

Change the Windshield Wipers

Your car’s windshield wipers have likely seen some winter extremes this past season. As a result, they are likely worn and unable to keep the windshield clear amid heavy spring rains. Fortunately, a replacement set of windshield wipers is affordable and easy to install.

Check the Tires

Winter roadways can wreak havoc on tires, particularly if they were already worn. Spring marks the perfect time to check the tire pressure, tread levels, and look for any damage. A tire rotation wouldn’t hurt either!

Things are warming up here at Wright Nissan of Wexford, and if you think that your vehicle could use any service to start the spring, come by our service department. We would be more than happy to help you.

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