How to Care for Your Leather Seats

How to Care for Your Leather Seats

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Leathers seats certainly are a luxurious feature that enhances the driving experience. However, many people don’t realize the level of care that they need to stay in prime condition. Here are a few tips about how to care for your leather seats.


Cleaning Your Seats

The leather needs to be cleaned periodically. But your owner’s manual will tell you specifically how to care for the seats in your car. There may be products that are recommended against, so take the time to review your manual.

Over time, dirt and grime accumulates, and many people don’t even realize it’s happening. If you wipe across a section of your leather, you will likely realize how much has actually accumulated.



Vacuuming your seats is an important step, but you have to be careful not to scratch or tear your leather with your vacuum. One option is to use an air compressor to blow the dirt out of the seats, and then vacuum the dirt off of the floor.


Keep a Regular Schedule

Cleaning your leather seats once a year, while it is certainly better than nothing, simply is not enough to keep your leather in prime condition. You should try to clean your seats at least three to four times a year for best results.


By following these few simple tips, your leather will stay nice for much longer.

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