Soup to Go: Recipes That Will Keep You Warm On-The-Go This Winter

Soup to Go: Recipes That Will Keep You Warm On-The-Go This Winter

Let’s face it—we are all busy, no matter the season. But that should not keep your from having a nutritious and satisfying lunch, whether you are driving to a meeting or sitting in the office. These ideas for soup to go will give you options for sippable soup, so even if you’re having lunch in your Nissan from Wright Nissan you can still stay warm with something tasty.

Soup To Go - Wright Nissan - Wexford, PA

Tomato and Lentil Soup

The traditional tomato soup gets an extra protein boost in this unique combination. Carrots, tomatoes, and lentils get blended together with spices for a hearty soup that’s creamy enough to drink.

Acorn Squash Soup

 With spices like cinnamon and nutmeg, this creamy soup tastes like fall in a mug. Acorn squash is an excellent vegetable to enjoy all winter long, and is high in Vitamin C and other nutrients that make it a healthy ingredient for a warm lunch.

Split Pea Soup

This classic creamy soup makes for a savory lunch on the go. A ham bone gives it extra flavor and fat, so its the perfect soup to make with leftovers after a ham dinner. This recipe makes eight servings, so you can prepare over a week’s worth of lunch at one time.


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