When and How to Replace Windshield Wipers

When and How to Replace Windshield Wipers

Windshield wipers are an important part of your vehicle’s safety. They increase your visibility and therefore help you stay alert and attentive to the road. Unsurprisingly, then, it’s important to replace windshield wipers regularly, but unlike other major maintenance that might require service from us here at Wright Nissan, it’s easy to replace your wipers on your own.

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First, there are a few sure signs that your windshield wipers need replaced. For one, you’ll notice that they don’t improve visibility as much as they used to. They may leave streaks across the windshield or a milky looking substance. Old wipers might also squeak, skip, or appear to make inconsistent contact with the windshield.

When it’s time to change your windshield wipers, you can buy replacements at your local auto parts store by giving them the make, model, and year of your car. To remove the old wiper blades, lift the arms up away from the windshield and push in the tab that’s holding on the wiper. Pull away the old blade and replace it with the new. Once the new blade is in position, close the tab and lower the blades.

There are many resources such as YouTube videos online that can help give you a visual of this process, if needed. Once you have learned how to change your own wiper blades, you can watch for the signs of wear on your own and always maintain excellent visibility in your vehicle.

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