Family Halloween Costume Ideas

Family Halloween Costume Ideas

The fall season has finally arrived, which means the holidays are nearly here as well. Halloween kicks off the season and will be here before you know it. Get prepared with a family theme no one can ignore with some family Halloween costume ideas from us here at Wright Nissan.

Krispy Kreme

A Krispy Kreme theme is the perfect recipe for a creative holiday costume everyone will love. All you need is a donut pillow for each child, dark green aprons, and to unleash your creative side on some paper hats. This mouthwatering family Halloween costume will be one of the most unique on your block!

Beekeeper and Bees

An adorable costume for younger families, the beekeeper and bees features the parents at the beekeeper (or hive) and the kids as the bees. Fortunately, bee costumes are fairly easy to find and the beekeeper costume is pretty straightforward to make (or you can buy an authentic one).

Clown Troupe

Halloween is a holiday about fear which means dressing up as a clown troupe is a great family theme. Simple face paint designs, coordinating colors, and stripes and spots make dressing up as a clown a breeze for families of all ages.

Get into the fall spirit and enjoy the upcoming holiday!

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