Pittsburgh’s Yellow and Gold: How Did the City Get Those Colors?

Pittsburgh’s Yellow and Gold: How Did the City Get Those Colors?

Most people from Pittsburgh know that the city has an atmosphere of yellow and gold. However, few people realize how the city came to adopt those colors officially. From the Steelers to the Pirates, the colors can be found nearly everywhere. We at Wright Nissan Have composed a blog to shed some light on Pittsburgh’s yellow and gold.

According to WESA, the colors go all the way back to founding of the city. “The inspiration came from William Pitt’s family coat of arms,” said Louise Sturgess, executive director of the Pittsburgh History and Landmarks Foundation. Pitt, the Earl of Chatham, served as the secretary of state in 1758 when the city was named. His crest, which features three gold circles on a black shield, quickly became an icon for the city.

“The black shield is the idea of constancy or grief, think about it in terms of endurance, perseverance,” Sturgess said. “He has three gold coins, those are called Bezants, and it comes from the idea of a gold coin from Byzantium which became Constantinople and is now Istanbul. And they were symbols of trust and honesty.”

Yellow and gold have been adopted by sports teams, universities, government organizations, and more. The family crest also features a blue and white checkerboard pattern (a color scheme that can be found throughout the city) and a lion and stag.

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