Nissan’s New Foam Wash Technique Saves 6.1 Million Liters of Water

Nissan’s New Foam Wash Technique Saves 6.1 Million Liters of Water

Nissan has long been in pursuit of more eco-friendly technology for its vehicles and production process and has now found a way to make servicing vehicles better for the environment, too. Using a new, unique Foam Wash technique, Nissan utilizes foam without water to perform car washes across India, which saved, according to the company’s research, over 6.1 million liters of water.

The development of the Foam Wash technique is part of the brand’s commitment to sustainable mobility. Traditional car washes use over 160 liters of water to clean one car, while the new Foam Wash technique only uses 90 liters of water, reducing water consumption by up to 45%. That’s enough for 25,000 households in India to reach their healthy daily intake of water.

Vice President of After Sales, Nissan Motor India Pvt. Ltd. Sanjeez Aggarwal commented on the innovative shift in car wash techniques, stating, “Nissan always aims to deliver innovative and best-in-class sales and after sales service to its customers. Using the foam wash technique for our customers’ cars saves their time and a significant amount of water.”

Nissan’s new Foam Wash technique is just one of many ways the brand helps out the environment. Call us or stop by Wright Nissan for more information on Nissan’s eco-friendly vehicle lineup and services.

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