5 Affordable Summer Vacations for 2017

5 Affordable Summer Vacations for 2017

Our team here at Wright Nissan knows that a good vacation makes for an enjoyable summer. If you’re looking to save a few bucks this year, here are some of our favorite affordable summer vacations to consider.


Charleston, South Carolina

A plane ticket to Charleston, South Carolina is cheaper than flying to more exotic locations. But don’t let low price fool you! The city is bustling with wonderful restaurants and fun activities. Not to mention, if you go later this summer, specifically on August 21st, Charleston will be one of the last places in the U.S. to experience the upcoming solar eclipse.


Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

This city is a big deal to sports fans but tends to get overlooked by everyone else. Pittsburgh is a booming locale with a lot to offer. From interesting museums to many outdoor parks, an affordable getaway is definitely possible in this city.


Oakland, California

Oakland is located near the ever-popular city of San Francisco, which is why it is so comparatively affordable. When in Oakland, you’ll still have close proximity to exciting California locations without being surrounded by thousands of tourists.


Hilo, Hawaii

This is the year to visit Hilo, as this well-kept secret is swiftly becoming not so much of a secret anymore. The town is lush, tropical, and offers that relaxed Hawaii vibe while still offering hotel rates as low as $99 a night.

British Columbia, Canada

Canada is always a cheap place to vacation because most people don’t necessarily think of it as a vacation destination. British Columbia is home to the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve and is a great place to go camping.


We hope you can plan one of these affordable vacations for you and your family this year!

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